The pandemic has changed many major factors of how we do things nowadays, then how can we leave behind college recruitment. Online college recruitment is more effective because of the short time required to generate advanced quantifiable results; minus the tedious campus visits. The entire process of campus hiring will be efficient, fast and enables recruiters and students to engage for the test from anywhere. Logistic troubles like time slots, booking venues and many more to conduct the interviews are completely done off with.

What is proctoring using a webcam? Assessments are timed exams that are taken with proctoring software’s monitor your computer’s audio, video and the desktop too. You have to verify your identity by taking a photo of your face using the webcam, your photo ID. You also have to use webcam to scan the room and your desk also. This will ensure a cheat free test environment with no invigilators and the assessment being taken from various locations. All that is needed is a computer with high speed internet connection. The advantage is no limitation of candidates who can take the assessment plus the time taken for scoring and arriving at a list of probable candidates for the next level of interview. The test can be taken at the candidates’ time of choice, higher participation with a higher rate of attempt by numerous candidates. Manual intervention is reduced and risk is reduced at many levels for health as well as malpractices.

Simultaneous, multiple tests at multiple locations will enhance campus hiring. This will facilitate to create a campus pipeline for potential candidates for future needs. New benchmarks can be set and a more efficient hiring strategy can be worked out to reduce the burden of travel, assessment hassles, manual intervention and many more. Personally, I see many relishing this type of hiring with multiple benefits both for the candidates and the companies.

Some reasons of why this platform can make or break your career during virtual campus recruitment drive:

· Autosave the answers to deal with infrastructure problems like system crash, restart, network issues, power outages, and many more.

· Companies can contact a large number of unexplored colleges due to resource limitations like personnel unavailability, accessibility and time.

· Companies can create and administer a test easily.

· Flexibility to carry out the test in any format boosts engagement and brings out upper limit of participation from the students.

· Levels of assessment can be added onto a single test. Like, language proficiency evaluations, general MCQs, essay type questions along with coding simulators, case study simulators, and psychometric tests. You name it and it can be incorporated.

· Minimum system requirements are computer and internet connectivity.

· Online evaluation platforms provide total power to the companies to create, administer, invigilate, evaluate and generation reports.

· Picture the organizational expense and time you would need to visit each campus and give hundreds of tests. The enhanced reach will tackle a noteworthy challenge of concurrently conducting thousands of tests, evaluating and choose the right candidates.

· Proctoring allows recruiters to curtail malpractices.

· The turnaround time is the mainly prominent benefit of online assessments. As the students complete the test, detailed reports can be generated within a short time on a single dashboard. This expedites the next course of action.

So this platform will be here for a long time as you weigh the pros and cons for all those involved, from companies, recruiters, colleges, placement officers and the students. This will also reduce the role of recruitment agencies, which are making a lot of money from the candidates as well as the companies.